• holiday notice for Dragon Boat Festival (3rd June~5th June)
    June 02, 2022 holiday notice for Dragon Boat Festival (3rd June~5th June)
    Dear Customers: From 3rd June to 5th  June,we will celebrate Dragon Boat Festival during this period. Sorry for anything inconvenicent to you and please feel free to contact me if you have something urgent to get answer. I can always be got via mobie : 008618859217897  or emal : mandy@chuenwear.com Thanks for your kind attention and support! The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most popular traditional festivals celebrated in China,which is on the fifth of the fifth lunar month, also known as Double Fifth Festival. It’s said that it is to commemorate the death of a Chinese patriotic poet, Qu Yuan, who was snared by corrupt officials in ancient China and finally committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River to protest against them. The traditions and customs held on this festival differ from place to place,but there are some commonalities in them. First,the most famous and great tradition is holding Dragon Boat races, which are held by fishermen’s attempt to protect Qu Yuan’s body against being attacked by fishes and other animals in the river by beating drums and rowing the dragon shaped boat. Nowadays dragon boat races have been an annual popular sport activity among people. In addition,making and eating Zongzi—a dumpling made of glutinous rice and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves—is also a popular custom during this day. It can be made by many kinds of stuffing. What’s more, hanging herbs on the front door, drinking realgar wine and pasting up picture of Zhong Kui—a mythic guardian figure in ancient china—are also popular during the festival, which mean protecting, people from evil and diseases. These customs and traditions have been changed a little in recent years,but they still make contribution to the spread and inheritance of Chinese culture.
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  • What fabric is good for sunscreen clothes?
    May 20, 2022 What fabric is good for sunscreen clothes?
    Introduction to the purchase of sunscreen clothes in summer. In hot summer, sunscreen clothing is a very common sunscreen product and the most popular clothing in summer. Many female friends wear sunscreen clothing in summer to avoid tanning. But is the sunscreen really sunscreen? What color is a sunscreen? What fabric is the most sunscreen clothing? Is sunscreen really sunscreen Generally, the "sunscreen clothing" sold by businesses actually has a poor effect on UV isolation, especially those so-called lightweight products. Most of them are sunscreen and do not fade, rather than anti skin. Regular sunscreen clothes need special treatment, and the price is high. Low price sunscreen clothes are mostly gimmicks, most of which only play the sunscreen role of ordinary long sleeved clothes. Generally speaking, the sunscreen effect of ordinary cloth is better than that of any sunscreen, and the sunscreen effect of sunscreen cloth is better than that of ordinary cloth, but the sunscreen effect of cloth added with sunscreen additives will be reduced after repeated washing. What fabric is good for sunscreen clothes Sunscreen clothing is mainly an anti ultraviolet cloth with sunscreen additives added to polyester fiber fabric, which can increase the scattering and direct effect of sunscreen clothing on ultraviolet and sunlight, and prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging human skin through sunscreen clothing. In terms of fabrics, the sun protection factor of various fibers: polyester fiber > cotton fiber > artificial cotton and silk. Therefore, we should try to choose the anti ultraviolet sunscreen clothing with polyester fiber as the raw material. What color is the most sunscreen suit In terms of color, dark color clothes are better at preventing ultraviolet rays, and light color clothes feel cool, but some ultraviolet rays may be transmitted to the skin, while the time line of dark clothes is basically absorbed. Therefore, we should choose clothes with darker or brighter colors, which may be hot, but the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays is better. Therefore, choose a clothes with good sunscreen effect, and the darker color should be preferred. How to choose high-quality sunscreen clothes Look at the sunscreen standard: when the ultraviolet protection factor of textiles is UPF > 50 and the transmittance of UVA (long wave ultraviolet) is less than 5%, they can be called anti ultraviolet products. However, if the UPF is marked as 30 +, it can only indicate that the clothes have certain sunscreen function, but it can not be called sunscreen clothes. Moreover, the label of regular UV protection products should be marked with the number of national standards and UPF value. Look at the workmanship: besides sunscreen, the skin windbreaker should also be windproof and waterproof, so the workmanship is very important. The fabric is very good, but the stitching is not tight and meticulous. The zipper will break after several times, or there are threads e...
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  • 2022
    May 07, 2022 2022 "Silk Road Keqiao · live global" Keqiao cloth business cloud Exhibition
    2022 "Silk Road Keqiao · live global" Keqiao cloth business cloud Exhibition (Italy station) will further deepen the cooperation between China and Italy in the textile and garment industry, promote the complementary advantages, hand in hand and win-win sharing of fashion industries between China and Italy, and realize linkage development in opening-up and accommodation. Held for the first time in 2020, the "Silk Road Keqiao · live global" Keqiao cloth business cloud business exhibition has successively held hands with Vietnam, France, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Germany to interpret the good story of cloud economic and trade interconnection. At present, the international situation and the epidemic situation of the century are superimposed on each other, and the industry development pressure is heavy. In order to help enterprises continue to carry out trade exchanges and cooperation, Keqiao cloth business cloud business exhibition will land in Italy from May 18 to 20, opening a new prelude to global textile cloud business in 2022. The cloud business exhibition is hosted by the people's Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, undertaken by China Textile Information Center, international games service center of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City and Commerce Bureau of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, with the special support of Italian Milan chamber of Commerce and Italian national fashion chamber of Commerce. This cloud business exhibition will organize 100 Italian clothing, accessories, home textile brands, trading companies and other purchasers to participate. In order to further improve the accuracy and efficiency of the connection between supply and demand, the organizer fully investigated the textile fabric needs of Italian brands and buyers in the early stage, and selected 40 Keqiao excellent fabric enterprises that meet the needs to participate. At that time, Keqiao fabric enterprises such as Zhejiang Dashu Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang lvjin Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Yangshi Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lefei Textile Co., Ltd., Shaoxing sanliu Textile Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Jinsheng Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang seven color rainbow Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yisha Textile Technology Co., Ltd. will bring cotton products, linen, embroidery, lace, silk, silk printing Knitwear, wool, fiber fabrics and other rich fabric products. Different from the past, the live broadcast room of this cloud business exhibition will be upgraded from the interpretation form of "pure fabric" to a more intuitive and vivid "fabric clothing" display, and create a new fabric live broadcast sales model in the form of "show and buy". At the same time of professional interpretation, the enterprise carries out dynamic interpretation of real-life model clothing show to fully show the scene applicability and wearing performance of diversified fabrics, and also help Italian buyers make better order decisions. In addition, while watching the live broad...
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  • What kind of coat does beach pants match? How comfortable do you wear it?
    April 22, 2022 What kind of coat does beach pants match? How comfortable do you wear it?
    Beach pants are very popular in this season. Many people like to wear them. They will look very casual and give people a very comfortable feeling. Let's see how to match beach pants to look better! What jacket does beach pants go with 1. Surfing boy style - with vest With bright colors and surfboards, you are the focus of the coast. When choosing a vest, you should pay attention to the size of the collar and cuffs, so as not to make people feel loose underwear, and the shoulder straps should not be too thin and overly feminine. 2. simple and casual style - with plain t For example, beach boys in Europe and America take the route of low key. Printed beach pants are matched with a heavy weight plain T, which is sunny and stylish. This way of wearing can slightly modify the body. If the fitness is relaxed recently, this is a good matching choice. 3. Style holiday style - match with short sleeved shirt Beach pants put on a short sleeved shirt, wearing an inexplicable romantic and handsome feeling, showing the style of Italian beach, but the printing and style of short sleeved shirt are very important. Don't choose bright flowers or jump colors, otherwise it's easy to feel like the uniform of a resort hotel or a stage. Classic beach pants 1. Match with vest and T-shirt Besides beautiful muscles, the best friends on the beach and beach shorts should count vests and T-shirts. Tropical plant printing has become a printing style respected by many fashion brands this season - printing is a fashion element that can not be ignored in this year's spring and summer men's wear. The matching pieces are mainly simple solid colors. If you want to try the mixed style of printing collision, you must pay attention to the comparison of strength and area. 2. Match with shirt It's also OK to match a shirt with beach shorts. At this time, you can wear sunglasses, sandals on the lower body, and straw woven shoes for those who pay more attention to fashion. Of course, if you're not on vacation but going to work, it's OK to match suit style beach pants with formal shirts or even small suits (please automatically calculate your company's air conditioning energy). In short, we should dare to try and think about Yamamoto's words at any time: what's more boring than dressing properly! 3. Other accessories Fashionable slippers and beach shoes are undoubtedly the necessary companion of beach clothes. However, if you play volleyball or other sports on the beach, a pair of sports shoes that fit your feet and are suitable for sand activities is undoubtedly the best choice. If you're going to a party at the beach, matching a gentleman's hat or wearing a bracelet is a good way to avoid being indifferent to everyone. What should we pay attention to when matching beach pants First, do not spend too much, so that the beach pants do not show the desired effect of blue flowers on a white background; Second, the effect should be in sharp contrast with blue, such as red, yellow or green; The...
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  • new item released-waterproof 3 in 1 jacket
    April 13, 2022 new item released-waterproof 3 in 1 jacket
    According to the actual situation of the weather, the two can be worn separately as separate coats or together. Buy one can adapt to three occasions, very practical and considerate. We accept customization, which can be added with the customer's logo or color requirements. This fabric is waterproof and meets the basic requirements of outdoor. -Padded jacket with removable inside layer -6 secure zip pockets on the jacket, 2 on the padded jacket. -Zipped underarm openings for ventilation.
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  • The 15th Shanghai international outdoor and sporting goods exhibition in 2022
    April 01, 2022 The 15th Shanghai international outdoor and sporting goods exhibition in 2022
    The 15th Shanghai international outdoor and sporting goods exhibition in 2022 will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from June 22 to June 24, 2022! At the same time, 2022 lifestyle Shanghai show 2022 Shanghai international yacht exhibition was held, with a total area of about 60000 square meters. The organizer innovates the concept of traditional exhibitions. Multi-dimensional space + cross-border exhibition combination + more than 80 interactive activities will bring the public a new experience of life style. "2022 Shanghai international outdoor products and fashion sports exhibition" will be jointly staged in the same period in RV camping, yacht, water sports, theme tourism and fitness, sharing nearly 50000 professional users of the organizer. Through exhibition, forum exchange activities, case promotion, mall docking and other forms, build a business platform for common exchange and consultation between the supply and demand sides of the industry. We sincerely welcome industry insiders from all over the world to participate and visit! Scope of exhibits Outdoor sports electronic products exhibition area: outdoor mobile power supply, solar generator, outdoor mobile phone, sports smart watch, digital sports camera, outdoor camera, GPS, walkie talkie, iPad, Bluetooth sports headset, mobile phone Bluetooth remote control, mini wireless speaker, UAV, sports bracelet, rechargeable mobile phone shell, multifunctional pedometer, electronic mosquito repellent, sports fan and intelligent wearable equipment, etc Outdoor equipment and equipment exhibition area: sportswear, sports shoes, outdoor tents, sleeping bags, outdoor glasses, fishing (pond fishing, sea fishing, shrimp fishing), outdoor gloves, leisure tables and chairs (leisure furniture series, garden supplies Series), camping, tourism, mountaineering sports equipment and equipment, professional lighting tools, professional outdoor binoculars, chess and cards, skates, professional outdoor refrigerator, small wheel car, mountaineering equipment, rope, rock climbing Mountaineering, camping, rock climbing, exploration travel, hiking, outdoor sports clothing and equipment, outdoor accessories, etc; Outdoor camping and accessories exhibition areas: long-distance tourism, outdoor RV, solar backpack, mountaineering bag, first-aid kit, compass / positioning system, cooking utensils / fuel, first-aid supplies, emergency lights, mountaineering shoes, hiking shoes, mountain boots, rock climbing shoes, beach shoes / sandals, outdoor casual shoes, outdoor flashlight, protective equipment, outdoor kettle, helmet, moisture-proof pad, floor kettle, kettle, barbecue stove, communication / navigation, outdoor knives Outdoor watch, shooting, telescope, mountaineering stick, walking stick towel, outdoor mobile power supply, etc Sporting goods exhibition area: running equipment, indoor sports equipment, outdoor sports supplies, yoga supplies, track and field sports, winter skiing su...
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  • Gym-Wear Trends to Follow - Spring 2022
    March 18, 2022 Gym-Wear Trends to Follow - Spring 2022
    Hitting the gym to be in shape with those wide-legged workout pants and the cotton T-shirt from college? Nah girl! Let the fashionista that you are, speak out loud in the gym too. Keeping it simple, and yet stylish is what we want for you. The gym is a place where your silhouette is showcased, and a good women's sportswear top is the best way to be both comfortable, yet upbeat. Let us begin with the colours and prints for 2022. Shades of pink, grey, black, blue, green and neon hues are the featured colours of 2022. The abstract prints, graphics, slogans, brandings and shiny textures are also in the 2022 hits. A fresh, unique and sexy look is what all of us need to aim for while achieving all our health goals. Here are a few activewear styles that you can rock at the gym this Spring season, and look flawlessly stylish: 1. The Simple, Classic Gym Look A white t-shirt, grey stretchy sweat-leggings, with grey or black runners and hooded anorak is the most classic spring look that you can rock. It keeps you safe from the winds and the unexpected spring rains too. 2. The Neutral Look A navy coloured women's sports bra top, with grey or navy sweatpants, and pastel blue sneakers is another stylish, yet simple gym look to flaunt this spring season. If you are to hit the streets before you get to the gym in this look, I would suggest you to add a navy and white striped high neck long sleeved top. 3. The Happy Abstract Prints Abstract print leggings paired with a contrasting basic women's sports bra top is just the happiest gym fashion so far. To complete the look, add on a white sleeveless hoodie, and red runners. Trust me, this look is a head turner! 4. The Bright Black and Blue Look Black gym pants and crop tops, with a dash of the bright blue sneakers, and a basic grey hoodie is another basic yet attractive gym look. 5. The Spring Sunnies! Add a hint of freshness to your gym wear! Try on a sports bra top, athletic shorts with a kick of light blue colour. Add a neon pale yellow t-shirt to update this mono-coloured outfit. Rule the spring in colour! 6. All white! Sport an all-white look with a dash of neon bright accessories. Maybe add neon shaded sneakers or a neon coloured wristwatch. Your skipping rope or yoga mat can also add more colour to you ensemble. 7. The dark themed! Black coloured leggings with a hot pink or a violet tight fitted top, and a dark grey hoodie is a perfect look for the ones who like to keep it dark and mystical. Try these gym-wear trends this spring and head to your fitness sessions in style. Turn those heads as you walk down the streets in your chic athletic gear. Update your wardrobe today and join the league of trendsetters!
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  • Women's Jackets - How to Find the Best Jacket for You
    March 04, 2022 Women's Jackets - How to Find the Best Jacket for You
    Jackets can never go out of fashion. Summer or winter, they are one kind of garment which will always add grace to your attire. Ladies jackets are so much in demand that they are available in many styles today. Jacket is one kind of attire which is in fashion all throughout the year, irrespective of the season. Summers or winters, jackets are equally adorned in all the seasons. But depending upon the season, the fabric of the jacket is changed to keep up with the weather conditions. However, there can be many different styles of jackets but the sleeves, front openings, collars, pockets etc. remain common to almost every design of a jacket. During the nineteenth century, the jackets became quite popular and they have remained to be so ever since. Jackets are believed to be evolved from short coats which were worn by French peasants and labourers. Today ladies love to wear jackets much more than anyone else and thus ladies jackets have become a very important aspect of a woman's wardrobe. There are so many types available and there is a different type of jacket for every occasion because not at every occasion you can wear a particular type of jacket. Many designers use quite luxurious raw materials for making their jackets like silks or satins which are the best kind of materials for jackets meant for party wear. These dresses can be easily worn over long dresses or even short ones while you are attending parties and they look very elegant and sophisticated. Ladies jackets look amazingly well teamed up with body hugging dresses as they bring out the best of a woman's body and her personality. Teamed up with high boots and high heels, these jackets will make your dress appear much different from its usual style. Full sleeve jackets can be worn well with black satin skirts for gala events and parties. Even if you are attending any event or outing and not any party or function, jackets look good, just that you should be careful in selecting your jacket for the occasion you are attending. The term jacket covers a range of styles and occasions including casual jackets which are worn outdoors to keep warm and smart tailored jackets which are worn inside usually as part of a suit. Looking stylish in any sort of womens clothing is all about finding the right style to suit you. When deciding on which women's jackets to buy you should consider your body shape, colouring, personality and life style or if you need a jacket for a particular occasion. You should also think about what sort of womans clothing the jacket will be worn with and ensure that the jacket will compliment the outfit over all. For spring, autumn, cooler summer days and warmer winter days an outdoor ladies jacket is just what you need. It usually shorter and more light weight than a coat, offering some warmth but is also really practical and easy to move around in. When choosing a ladies jacket one of the first things to consider will be where you will be wearing it. A jacket to wear to work...
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